I have created a body of work that breaks the ice for a conversation about the Arctic, helps my audience better understand their place in the world, and challenges them to understand what impact they want to make on others. I have found my passion in sharing the beauty of the North, and advocating for a part of the world so few have a chance to expierence. I hope the work I created this summer intrigues my audience to better understand the Arctic.

IMG_8893.JPGWhere in the world do you go when you dream?





What Do You Do With Your Time?

An award for finding purpose


 Where Does Your Dinner Come From? fullsizerender-4img_7256IMG_5227IMG_4707IMG_4572IMG_4565img_9434IMG_4745IMG_4744IMG_4742

Breaking The Ice


  1. Make what you know
  2. Look for meaning in the process
  3. Explore!