“DEEP-IN-DANCE” Waterman Butterfly Sculpture


More information about this piece can be found here. 




Watermarked Butterfly 4.jpg


“Breaking The Ice”

Wax Investment Bronze Casted Arctic Liquid Natural Gas Tanker ship

9″ L x 3″ W x 5″ H

Frozen into melting ice cubes

I created this casted piece to highlight the new access that climate change has granted us in the Arctic Ocean for shipping and resource development. The melting ice opens new channels for shipping logistics, shortening almost all current global shipping rates by 1/3 of the distance at the very least. Along with access to incredible oil, gold, and other raw materials, the Arctic is set to become the next global battleground for resource control. Despite being a key Arctic Nation, the Unites States only currently has three icebreakers in the water: The US Coast Guard Polar Star and The USCG Healy, both based out of Seattle, and The USCG Mackinaw which is stationed in Cheboygan, Michigan. This piece advocates for more icebreakers in the US, more information about the creation can be seen here. 




 “Where does your dinner come from?”
Aluminum Casted Plaque embedded in a cherry and oak wood serving platter
Dimensions of Aluminum 4″ x 6″

I set my aluminum casted piece in a platter type frame to bring real context to the quote “Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Farmed Salmon” and pose the question “Where does your dinner come from?” to an audience who is consuming food from the art piece. I wanted to draw attention to a problem that I see in american culture which is a complete disregard to the origins of our food. I believe it is unacceptable to answer the question above with the response, ‘a grocery store’. While I understand that it is impossible for all people to access local, organic, or wild food sources, especially in a city or low-income community, the purpose of this piece is not to criticize those who do not have access, but instead it is meant to start a conversation around where and how we choose our food. I chose to make a serving platter out of my piece because it creates community discussion around food  before the act of sharing a meal with others. During my classes critique I brought in wild Alaskan smoked salmon to share with the class and prove that my piece can serve as artwork and a functional platter. More information on the creation of this piece can be found here.



“What Do You Do With Your Time?”

An award for finding purpose

Aluminum casted Inuksusk 7 in

I created this piece for all individuals who recognize their purpose and the individual potential we all inherently have. When I was considering what I wanted to celebrate when I was brainstorming for this project (the directive was to make a trophy) I realized that I wanted to honor life. Each life has a purpose, and a difficult journey of discovering and fulfilling that purpose. The trophy that I created commemorates the act of discovering purpose. I have many friends in mind who I believe deserve this award, and recently I’ve felt as if I have found my purpose in becoming an artist. More information about this piece can be found here.