My name is Natalie Treadwell. I am an Arctic artist born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. I create art to share the natural beauty of our world with others. I create Arctic-inspired landscapes and symbolic representations of life in the north.. I look to bring an understanding of Arctic culture through my art to those in more southern regions. I began my undergraduate degree at The University of Notre Dame and am finishing at The University of Southern California. I will receive a degree in Fine Art and Spatial Science Mapping.

The summer of 2016 I was awarded a scholarship to cross the Northwest Passage from Greenland to Northern Canada. Due to the generosity of The Explorers Club and Adventure Canada, I spent twelve days purely creating and exploring in the Arctic. I still cannot quite capture the beauty of the place either through words or art, but I understand the impact it made on me. The Arctic is important and it is my role to advocate for a part of the world so many forget. I was deeply touched by the culture and landscape of the Greenlandic and Canadian Arctic; it reminded me of home and why I want to make art. 

My art, Susitna Visions, is named after Mount Susitna, a mountain that I can see directly from the backyard of the house I grew up in. I sign my art with the contour lines of Mount Susitna. She represents home and the basis of where I draw my inspiration. On this site, my work is broken up by the medium in the portfolio section. I hope to share with you the research, inspiration, and creation of my work through my blog under the “thoughts and processes” tab. Feel free to reach out and connect if you have questions, feedback, or commission requests.