Metal Foundry – Concept Sketch for Project 1 // Plaque

Below are 10 concept sketches for the first project, a sand casted plaque. I played around with a couple different variations of my signature and my backyard, where I draw most of my inspiration. I then moved on to another thought that has been floating in my head recently. My family has a sticker on the fridge of our ski cabin which reads, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Farmed Salmon.” I love this saying, not only because it stands for an important principal, it also means that we must watch out and care for our friends in every instance. I am still playing with the design and will finalize a sketch once I have the dimensions of my mold. Here are the 10 concept sketches:




I look forward to taking one of these sketches and translating it into a sand mold. I will make sure to reverse the text when I carve it into sand.


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