Holy Cross Seminary Lost-wax copper sculpture


As I was running around the lakes the other day I wandered up to the Holy Cross Seminary that is across the lake from campus. I found a beautiful and expressive sculpture that I immediately knew was casted. I could not find any information near the sculpture about its intended imagery or who create it, but I was moved by its message none the less.


The sculpture, which appeared to be casted in copper and has since oxidized a greenish coat. I was captivated at how the sculpture uses two simple and skinny figures to create a powerful image of sacrifice and care for others. It is obvious that the piece is supposed to represent the desire to help those who are inflicted with pain and illness. The mother figure could represent Mary as she meets Jesus at the 4th station of the cross, or when Saint Veronica wipes his face at the sixth station. I am not entirely sure which biblical story the sculpture is representing but the elongated facial expressions and length in the extremities of the figures creates a sickly tension that evokes compassion.



While I have done some research and was not able to find the artist who created this sculpture, I am assuming that it was done using a lost wax technique because of the hollow nature of the sculpture and the opening in the back. img_7288-2

While we have not experimented with this technique, I have learned about its origins in art history class and have come to understand h0w a sculpture of this size could be constructed.  I am looking forward to learning more about this technique in upcoming lectures and I hope that I will be able to identify this sculpture soon!


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